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With your help we will evaluate the state of scientific knowledge of the cause-effect relationship between Chlorpyrifos and its effect on neurodevelopment. Above is a causal chain diagram, illustrating the routes of exposure to CPF and its potential health impact.

The goal is to identify knowledge gaps and potential disagreement on the evidence between colleagues in the field. Ultimately, the aim is to discuss the implications for policy and research.

The evaluation consists of two parts. In the first you will look at sections of the causal chain diagram and answer questions about your confidence in the ability of science to predict health risk. In the second you will comment on the completeness and structure of the causal diagram. We expect the exercise will take 40 minutes. 

We ask for your considered opinion based on the quality of your scientific work and trust your broad experience in the field will help achieve an understanding of the issues.

Questionnaire replies will be considered alongside a thorough review of the literature.
These will be used to provide recommendations to policy makers. Content of the literature review can be found in 'Click Here for More Information' links on each page.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Martin Von Krauss ( or Margaret Saunders (

We appreciate your participation and, on behalf of the WHO Euro and the Henvinet consortium, thank you for your time.


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