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General Objectives

The main objective of HENVINET is to establish a long-term co-operation between researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the area of environment and health research and assessment. This is being done by the various work methods implemented through work packages. 

  • Work Package 1 (Evaluation and exploitation of research and best practices) will lead to achievement of the general objective. It is organised in a matrix form, where individual health topics, each led by a topic leader and with a topic group of health experts, will work in two subtasks led by environmental experts and supported by additional environmental experts, so that each deliverable (framework definition and reviews) will be achieved in collaboration between the experts from different fields. Furthermore, WP1 also aims at integration of research results from New Member states into the reviews, through a dedicated subtask.

  • Work Package 2 (System and database) will develop a web-based tool to facilitate information gathering and access to information for the purposes of the project, through public and internal websites and searchable database. This will assist in dissemination of project information, and provide technical solutions and input to the Environment and Health Information System.

  • Work package 3 (Interaction with policy and dissemination) will promote co-operation through dissemination activities and through workshops and project meetings.

  • Work Package 4 (Validation and exploitation of decision support tools) will support the achievement of the general objective. The work will be led by environmental experts and by experts in the field of modelling of environmental effects on physiology, and will be supported by the health experts, and the deliverables will be results of joint efforts. Further, the general objective is supported by an inclusion of five partners from outside Europe with high expertise in the environmental health field. Their contribution will strengthen the overall focus on health, and include a broader perspective and experience from countries outside Europe. In addition, this cooperation will facilitate a wider dissemination of results.
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