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Endocrine Disrupting Effects

State of the art

Causal - effect diagram

The last two decades have witnessed growing scientific concerns and public debate over the potential adverse effects that may result from exposure to a group of chemicals that have the potential to alter the normal functioning of the endocrine system in wildlife and humans.
The 46th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology will be held in Dresden, Germany, from September 13th to 16th.

The endocrine disrupting effects group will hold an evaluation workshop on CPF on the 16th September in connection with the conference.

For more info about the conference, go to their website.


Endorcrine disruptors Workshop
The 5th Workshop on Endrocrine Disruptors will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 20th-22nd 2009.

The HENVINET endocrine discruptor group will hold an expert workshop to discuss the results of the phthalates evaluation at the WHO Europe offices in Copenhagen on May 19th.
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